My post has disappeared??

Evening all

Can anyone shed some light to why my post from earlier today would disappear, i don't think i broke any rules.

Paula xx


Can only repeat something I saw on here.....................

Similar happened to a post of Hazels but cos efb's 'time' was wrong it went to back of pile. Greg was trying to sort it out with efb I think. Maybe someone who replied to your post has similar prob?

I really dont know! Just a suggestion for a 'maybe' answer!

Someone with alot more knowledge than me may be able to enlighten you........................

Ellie xxx

PS Email me a few dates that suit you for meeting during the Easter hols and we will amke it happen!

Hi Ellie


That sounds plausible, not to bothered about it anyway - i was just curious.  I'll email you tomorrow regarding dates for our lunch date, canny wait!


Paula xx