where has my post gone??????

Cant see my post? ??

How strange…neither can I ???

It’s still showing on your history, so must be around somewhere.

Seems to have somehow got a post at the end of it (from efb), that’s dated 2011! So if sorted by date order, is being relegated to ancient history!


“Ancient history”…Prophetic or what considering its topic !!! Love the irony !! Xx


Guessing Liz’s (efb’s) computer clock/calendar must be wrong (by a lot!)

If so, then every thread she posts to will travel back in time…

Failing that, it must be some quirk of the forum, that it’s managed to slap a wildly inaccurate date on something.


does make you wonder??

Apologies to everyone for the date shifting and weird disappearances of posts. I’d like to say that it’s somehow connected to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. But it isn’t.

We are, however, looking into it.

Sorry for any upset.

Kind regards

Stewart (admin)

Liz’s magical mystery clock again ??!!

R.I.P Mrs T, you did me and others more good than peaple know! ok some bits made me think, but she sat on the fence, thank you. julien