All my posts keep disappearing

Just wanted to reassure you all that I have been replying to your posts and offering support where appropriate but every single reply I’ve posted in the past 24 hours (except on my own thread) have come up with the little note about being held up waiting for moderator approval. I’m not sure why as there were no url links etc but for some reason the forum doesn’t like me at the moment :frowning:

Tracey x

Well we like you!


Same thing happening to me! I reported it to admin…don’t know if this one will get through??? Jools X

It did …maybe a problem that is now sorted Tracey!! Jools X

Hey it did Tracey !!! :slight_smile: Maybe problem sorted now…or have I spoken too soon??? Jools X

Would these posts include details of your new kitchen by any chance?

Hi Tracey

I have been getting the same problems. My replies/posts appear on My Profile page but not on the actual forum page.

Not even sure if this reply will show. Apologies if it doesn’t.

Shazzie xx

Same here!! And it’s bl**dy annoying!!

I’ve tried three times to respond to Shepherdess’ thread saying mine are the same, I don’t get any mod approval note, just my posts disappearing into the ether! :o

Thanks everyone. Good to know I’m not the only one. I know the mods are trying to keep the spam off the boards but it gets a but frustrating when it takes 3 goes to reassure someone who is feeling a bit down. Sometimes I am tempted to give up but then I remember how I felt when I was first dx’d…

Nope, no kitchens just cake!! Made another one on Saturday for local MSS branch Cake Break and they made a whopping £500. I wish the kitchen spammers would realise the misery they are causing for us - but they probably wouldn’t care anyway :frowning:

Tracey x