Getting annoyed with moderators not posting replies etc. why is this happening? We rely on this forum and people new to this will be really put off and therefore unsupported too. It needs sorting please moderators xxx

I think it’s because of the spam filters being set to high to try and get rid of all the kitchen spam. It is a pain in the orifice though. I started a thread about all of my posts disappearing and it didn’t appear for about 5 hours …


Please see Stewart’s post above - Forum Issues. We are still having horrendous problems wth spam on the site which the admin team are doing their best to sort out. By all means get annoyed with the Moderators but there’s nothing we can do - I wish there was and we understand the frustration. In the meantime, Stewart and the team are doing all they can, please be patient. Val [Moderator]

Thanks just frustrating posting things and not having any response etc. but do understand as them kitchen things are also very annoying x