Forum issues

You may have noticed the kitchen related spam over the past few months.

Our attempts to address this issue have troubled people far and wide. We’ve rang the company and explained the pontlessness of their campaign and the distress it’s causing.

Several forum users have remonstrated with them. We’ve reported them to various ‘official bodies’ and some great IT brains have been swept in to deal with it.

Our spam filter has been cranked up to it’s highest setting- which is why you may find yourselves faced with Captcha codes.

Some of you have found your posts either not appearing, or disappearing.

This is not because the forum doesn’t like you, or because you’re doing something wrong- it’s because the filter has deemed your post ‘suspicious’.

It is more likely in a moderation queue, waiting for the nod. Don’t panic, it will appear eventually. Think of it like the UK summer- just a tad delayed.

Why has your post been quarantined? Hmmmmmmm. Often it seems a mystery to us too.

This is more likely to happen if you post a link to another site- so for now, it may be wise to send links via a private message.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our long suffering mods who’ve been deleting spam by the shed load every day, with admirable humour and tolerance.

Apologies are in order for the continued inconvenience, confusion and irritation all of this may be causing you. Rest assured we’re onto it and though weary, determined to solve it.

Please bear with us…and thanks for your patience.

Stewart (admin)

Thank you Stewart, was begining to think you guys didnt love me anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Stewart.

As you know I have had probs for the past couple of weeks but I seem to be ok at the mo. Yey!!

Thanks for your help as always.


Take that back. My post didn’t appear. Oh dear. was fine posting yesterday.

typed post three times and it seemed to disappear…oh dear!

Sorry guys - as a new member - this has to be the most annoying site I’ve ever been on. Despite posting several times my new thread keeps being unpublished and to be honest how are we supposed to get support from a site that clearly does not work well. Navigation around the site is slow and cumbersome. How sad but although I could really use the support I feel that I won’t be using this site as it is sooo frustrating. This probably won’t post either so I’m probably blowing in the wind here…Goodbye.

I hope you are still around. I have reported your post to the webbies so they can investigate the problems you are having.

Liz [Moderator]

I’m really very sorry that you’ve been experiencing frustration and disappointment with both the forum and the site. I’m sure it’s little consolation that it’s very annoying for the moderators and the admin team too.

In an effort to reduce the destructive and seemingly endless waves of spam that have riddled the boards, we had to up the security levels. Obviously, this is now proving more irritating than the spam. So, we are now seriously considering reducing the spam filter, so that everyone can post without being blocked.

It’s upsetting that you haven’t been able to find the support you wished for and I hope you’ll accept my apologies and return.

Stewart (admin)


Is this post moderation happening to everyone with every post they make? like me?

Or are some posters not being checked?

It seems some can post without being held back, but others being checked every time. Its getting really frustrating to be held back every time.



Heartbreaking watching everyone post without probs, but 2 hours later mine still have yet to be cleared?

Same here - beginning to get very frustrated as I visit the site daily for help and advice.

I’ve PM’d Stewart and Admin regarding my replies to posts and asked whether I could be added to an “approved” list but as yet no reply

Take care

Pen xx

Sorry but another of MY posts has come back ‘unpublished’. What does this mean exactly? Is it waiting to be be read by someone so it can be approved or has your filter deemed it to be spam, never to be seen again? Very frustrating!

Yes, I feel the same, I posted something earlier and it’s still not appeared.

I am new here and also trying to post and after days it is still unpublished. not sure if this will even show up! Very frustrating!!

Hi, I’m getting a lot of the time my replies to posts being held back by moderators and then they never get puplished, I have just posted a response this morning which I think would have been helpful, but its not been published???..I wonder if this will get through??? Jools X

Thank you Stewart. I seem to be all sorted now. Yey!!!

Thank you to you and the mods.

Shazzie x

To add to the current woes - I’ve just written a REALLY long reply to someone - took at least 20 minutes.

I’ve been logged out in the middle of it, for no apparent reason (I usually stay logged in indefinitely), and only told when I tried to post, and got a “Not Authorized” message.

By which time there is no way of retrieving what you’d just tried to post. Back button doesn’t work, none of it does. Complete and utter waste of time bothering to reply to that person, and puts me off bothering at all, really.

It’s hard enough to find the energy to do stuff in the first place, but when you realise it’s a lottery whether your efforts will be vaporised without warning, it’s hardly encouraging.

I could be doing something nice, instead of painstakingly typing stuff for immediate binning, so that’s exactly what I’m off to do.


My posts keep getting held back to and they are posts requiring advice. This needs sorting as we count on this site for advice and support. I’ve posted just now to someone and its been held. I could do with knowing the response to what I have posted. X

If this post comes thru…

Stopping the spam at what cost?

I see the spam won.

None of my post’s have turned up for a week.

Not related to the delayed/missing posts issue, but IF we are going to have formatting options that allow bulleted/numbered lists, could these actually work, please?

I don’t use them a often, or would have hit this problem earlier, but when I used the “numbered list” option (from the toolbar) yesterday, it all looked very clear and beautifully formatted…until I hit “Post”, and then all of the numbering and most of the formatting disappeared.

List formatting is useful to to break up a big post into smaller points, or to answer a poster’s specific queries one by one. It might not be a “must have” that we’d use every day, but it’s nice. And if it’s on there, it should work.

I’ll just do a quick test:

I’m using an auto-numbered list for the following:

  1. First Item - The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
  2. Second Item
  3. Third Item
  4. Fourth Item

And I’ll try bullets for this next lot:

  • First bullet
  • Second bullet
  • Third bullet
  • Fourth bullet

This looks all great when I’m still in the edit panel, but if I go to “Preview” my lovely bullets and numbering disappear, and I bet they don’t show when I post, either.