been visiting this site since late 2010 and still find my answers to posts been queued for moderator to check…

just wondering why and anyone else have this problem??

try messaging one of the mods.

stewart always seems to get back to people.

carole x

I had this problem a month or two back. I put up a post about it and one of the moderators answered saying that my posts were always going up in the end. I pointed out that the conversation had often moved on by the time my post went up and that I had never posted anything offensive so there was no reason for me to be treated like this. It stopped after that.

Hey Baz,

Sorry about the problems posting. Sometimes the system is over zealous with its security for seemingly no reason. Apologies for the annoyance. I’ve personally verified your account- and hopefully you should have no problems now.

Best wishes

Stewart (admin)

Could u do the same for me , just got this after over a yr on site. Thanks

For some reason, after merrily joining in with ‘conversations’ in real-time since I was first verified after joining, I now see my posts are being routed to the moderators for approval again???