Replied to a number of posts offering support and 19hrs later still not published

Hi does anyone know why a large number of my replies and support to people on here have gone unpublished i have not swore upset anyone, said anything offensive, i just cannot understand it, whats the julie

Brenda and nindancer - I have unblocked you both so please don’t make me look stupid and start posting spam now, ok?

Liz [Moderator]

Hi Julie

My hubby, Dave51, put a couple of posts on the Carers part of the site and they took ages to appear.

Also. mine sometimes take a little while to appear.

Contact Stewart, the mod, and tell him. That’s what I did and he sorted it for me.

It is frustrating though. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Shazzie xx

Hi shazzie just checked some unpublished messages are as long as 21hrs ago.Perhaps they are trying to tell me something lol,Its driving me round the twist, yet test threads are published strange stuff xxx julie

Dave put a post on early evening last night and it didn’t appear til hours later.

It is annoying.

I thought the jokes I was putting on might have upset the mods but they appeared in the end. I am sure you haven’t said anything you shouldn’t have. I must admit though I did get a bit paranoid!!

Shazzie xx

My posts have not appeared either… Seems odd for a forum! This probably won’t appear either but its so annoying as I put A LOT of effort into the posts I have made!

I replied to a post the other day and when I clicked on ‘post’,I got a message saying that it had to be passed by the moderators first.I’d love to know why.

Hi All,

I think for some people, posts need to be approved by mods before they’re published on the forum. I believe this measure was introduced to address the recent ‘kitchen’ spam.

A private message to the mods can get this ‘block’ lifted, so it’d be worth messaging the mods to explain the situation and request the necessary amendments be made to your account.

Good luck!


Thanks for that Dom, I don’t use the smileys or anything otherwise mine get lined up for approval… if that happens, sometimes I think they disappear completely :frowning:

Sonia x

Hi Julie, have you contacted a mod then?

You can do this in a pm.

Tell Stewart. he has helped me quickly and got difficulties sorted for me.


Thanks Dom.I’ll do that.Brenda.

How does one contact Stewart? I was trying to reply to thank people for support and it never appeared?!! I spent a good while writing it and with how I feel that no small achievement!!

If you look at the sticky posts which will be just above the last post on here on the main everyday living page it has a post by Stewart / if you click on his username it will bring you to his profile and you can send him a pm from there

Hi all sorry didnt replie i was in hospital again let out saturday 17th after nearly 3 days ,loads of tests only to end up going back in at different hospital wednesday 21st even more tests to find out had pleural effusion of right lung.Really cross after 2 xrays and ultra sound wasnt picked up it was ct scan with dye that picked it up.Now i understand how frustrating it is when you know how much pain your in to not get diagnosed correctly.At least on mend now pain still there but getting easier.Yes i will have word with stuart thanks everyone xxxxxx julie