What is going on with this site?

I tried to post something and it shows up as unpublished, I don’t know why? I only posted the help! to try

Now it has suddenly appeared

I know a lot of posts were being held in a queue for moderation as the spam filter is trying to keep the kitchen spam out. However it does seem to have got worse since last night? They will come through, guess we just have to wait :slight_smile:

I,ve had the same problem over the last few days was begining to give up hope of ever been able to post again.then it just started to work ok again not sure what happened

Hi Jaycie

I’ve had problems too, I suggest you have a look at one of the moderators messages at the top of the page entitled ‘forum issues’, it explains something of what is happening at present.

Wendy x

Thanks, I have read the post now that explains. I should have noticed it earlier.

There is another thing Jaycie, the MSSoc computer can be a bit slow at times. You click on send - nothing happens - so you click again. Now the system catches up and Bingo, you have posted a message twice.

It has happened to me, and (I think) to several others.


It could be that there has been a big spam attack that is being dealt with!

Is stopping posts political? It definitely seems to be sometimes. I tried to post something saying that good neurologists will prescribe Modafinil for excessive sleepiness in MS and it never showed at all. Not being moderated, just nothing. It felt like it was deleted because it was contradicting what the original poster’s MS nurse had said (no Modafinil for people with MS). I bet this doesn’t get posted.

That is exactly what is happening. We have already bought our kitchens!!

We are trying to publish posts as quickly as possible.

Liz [Moderator]

No politics here - honestly. Sometimes posts appear elsewhere, we don’t yet know why. Mine tend to go to 23rd August 2012…

Liz [Moderator]