Old posts help needed from Moderators please

I have been having old posts, eg 307769 sent to me and when I click on the link it says ‘not found’, this has been going on for a while, I assume that old posts are still being used but it’s a bit frustrating when I can’t get on to them, either that or the wrong nos are being sent to me, does anyone else have this problem and is there any way of rectifying please moderators.

Wendy x

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yes been having it for a while I contacted the system support lot but couldn’t get the email to attach to an email to them i con get a couple a day they are always 6 digits long and begin with a 3

Thanks Stellabean, it’s been reported to tech team who should be back in tomorrow, so we’ll see.

Wendy x

I assumed it might either be when someone uses the ‘quote’ button at the bottom of comments, or when people reply to a comment rather than reply to the the original post (when you scroll down a thread, you can spot those comments because they’re indented a bit. As an example of what I mean, look at the additional comments by OVuk on this thread - Be interesting to see what it actually is though.


Thanks Dan, it’s been going on since the site makeover, I didn’t want to mention it in case it was teething problems but it’s a bit frustrating when you think you’re going to read a post and there’s nothing there to read.

Wendy x

Apologies for the weirdness everyone- and for any inconvenience/wasted time/confusion.

Steph (who usually deals with tech issues) is on leave 'til Weds this week. As soon as she’s back, will get her to have a look at this.

Once again, sorry…

Hope you all had a jolly weekend!

Stewart (admin)

Thank you Stewart

Wendy x