Old posts

Old posts from 3/4+ years ago seem to be re-surfacing - where are they coming from and how are they being accessed?


I think if you put in a subject in the search box, old posts are coming up. I was looking at advice applicable to PIP recently & posts from 2014 where appearing, if you go through Google old MS society posts are there as well in answer to queries. Tracey x

I think some newbies are tagging onto posts and not realising or knowing it`s a better idea to start their own.

I sometimes advise new posts if it`s best.


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I think it would be a good idea if the mods closed the older threads “due to inactivity”. That way the posts could still be read but not added to. ?

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I have several old posts in my fence


I agree.

This would be extremely difficult to manage. I’d imagine in some circumstances that members are finding ‘old’ threads via Google and commenting without noticing the date of the original thread. No harm done. As polls mentioned, a gentle nudge that creating a new thread may be more beneficial should do the trick.