Anybody Understand The Search Function On This Site

Just seems to scratch the surface of relevant posts when searching with a key word. What logic is employed here? Personally I think it needs to be far more rigorous and thorough

I agree! I tried to search for MS Hug for somebody earlier and got several irrelevant posts!! Annoying - especially when you know there are some good ones there! I had to trawl page after page!

I’m not sure but does it depend on peple ‘tagging’ ??? xxxjenxxx

Dont know, but if it does then maybe a step should be introduced which specifically seeks tags before it allows posting.

You would think so Jim but if I search here for ‘MS’ MS ‘ms’ or ms I get No Posts returned!

The thing I struggle with is how to find answered threads since my last visit? On many other forums/message boards on the internet you can clearly see new posts. I don’t know how this one works really in that way…

Morning! To keep a track of threads you have to add them to your favourites x it’s at the bottom of the first post - trouble is remembering to do it!! xxx