Word Verification Thingy!!! x

Morning all!! cool

I've read a few comments in threads about peeps losing their posts!! 

Just wanted to remind everyone to keep an eye out for the 'word verification thingy' that often comes up after you press 'post'!!!

It doesn't scream out at you when it asks you to do the letters thing -  so it's easily missed!!!


I lost quite a few very long posts before I got used to seeing the requests!!

Have a good day y'all!! happyflower

Hi Kizzdane, If you open the post 'MS Week 2012' at top of page you will see a post from Bob Babour. He's in admin team. PM him and ask to go on the 'white list'... that will stop you getting the verification thingy (which is there to try and stop spam). 

Pat x

It's BOB BARBOUR and post in under 'announcements'.

Pat x

Hi Pat x Thanks!

I've already sorted mine out a while back x I've just noticed a few people saying they have lost posts recently and want to make sure they are not doing what I was doing in the beginning!

Hopefully if they  are having problems they will follow your afvice! xxxxjenxxxthumbsup