Word Verification Thingy!!! 8(

Hi All

Is anyone else having to fill in one of those Word Verification thingies almost EVERY time you post a  reply!!!

I posted  a message on the topic thing but I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask!

Is there any way that the 'word verification' thingy can be reduced????

I'm having to do it almost every single time I write or reply to a post!!

I know it's for security but it's most frustrating that it's so frequent - especially when you are strugging anyway!

Jen xxxhappyflower

Hi Jen

I'm glad it's not just me!!

Sometimes I can reply to a post and it's fine. Other times the verification thing pops up but I have no idea why!

.....I totally agree with you that it's a big....grhhhh...

Debbie xx

Hi you 2.

I kept seeing these awful things and sent a PM to of the moderators. he removed it for me. I dunno why they are there?

luv Pollx

Jen and Debbie I totally agree. It is driving me bats! As you say sometimes it’s nearly every time you post.

It makes me want to scream…

Teresa xx

Hi guys! poll's right! I looked into it further & posted on the topocs thingy and also PMd Greg!

Also a lovely moderator answered my query and she said it'll be sorted on Monday

Apparently after a while they can put you on a confirm you are not a spamming machine!!cool


Oh well done Jen thumbsup

I'm a lot of things but a spamming machine definitely isn't one of

....and yes Teresa it drives me batty if I'm not batty enough as it is confused

Debbie xx

Hi  Jen,

Think you only have to do the verifying thing each time  you log in to the site. 

I've posted  a few replies and only had to verify once (what's the bet I have to for this message).

As you said it's just something else to do and you have to scroll down to see it.

Have a good weekend, 

Jen x



Yep, I get randon text confirmation boxes too. It only does it randomly it seems. I find it quite strange that this function would be on an MS site when many people have problems with vision! When I first came here, in the middle of my 'attack', I could barely manage to even type let alone try figure out what that squiggly box said!

It should be disabled.

Yes I too have wondered why this function would be used on a site where so many people have problems with their vision.

Teresa xx