Am I going mad?

Am I going mad or has anyone else found that messages occasionally seem to just disappear? I just posted on one message and when I went back to see it again it had gone! Or is this some strange ms related brain idiocy of mine?

I wouldn't be surprised if posts are disappearing - there are still too many bugs in this new forum software :-(


Unless perhaps that you pressed preview instead of post and then changed page??? That's the sort of thing I might do!


Karen x

I wouldn’t be surprised if I did that either but surely that wouldn’t get rid of someone else’s message that I was replying to?
Tree65 xx

I hope not! LOL!

I guess it's the software gremlins...


I went to look for a post on EL earlier and it wasn't there. It definitely was yesterday! So there must be a bug in the software.

Thought you'd like to know you're not going mad!!!


Thanks Karen, I’m glad it’s not just me that’s noticed! I was starting to get paranoid.
Tree65 xx