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Hi All

I wonder if I am doing something wrong here, cos one day I am asked for a verification

number for all the posts I reply to, and the next day I am not.

This doesn’t make any sense to me to change every day, unless as I said, I am doing something wrong.

Anyone got any ideas please?


Pat B & AnnAlf

I’ve added you both to the ‘whitelist’ for the spam system so you shouldn’t be asked to verify any more.

Greg [admin]

Thanks Rebecca. Its probably me then repeating myself, I am always doing that.


Hi Pam.

No, its not you, I get exactly the same.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Hi Chris

Thanks for replying and clarifying the situation. At least I know now that I am not doing anything wrong.

I find it quite annoying cos I struggle to see the silly writing of the number, and yes, I know I can hear it, but I never keep the volume on my laptop, so it means I have to come out of the page, turn on the volume and go back in, so frustrating.

Take care


Well I must repeat myself all the time cos I’m always getting that verification thing. I also have trouble reading it and hearing it and sometimes have tried over and over again to post something and given up in frustration. It’s like some awful test. Not at all user friendly.

Have I repeated myself on this post? If so, it might never be seen.

Pat x

I thought the ‘new system’ was supposed to be an improvement, but to be honest I visit the site less and less because I am finding it soooooooooo frustrating. MS is just one frustration after another and the last thing we need is all this agro!

Duplicated post making it a forest of words (which are far too small) with things repeated and repeated and repeated etc ad infinitum.

Why can we not just have ‘reply to this post’ like we used to?