Im having to put I some word verificatiob before I can post, is this new or have I done something wrong?

I have this too I had it a while back as well so doesn’t seem to be consistent on whether you have to enter the verification or not. You are not doing anything wrong

Hi I’m suddenly getting this too !! It did make me wonder if I’d done something too !! Xx

It might be due to the spam selling of kitchens going on?


i agree with vince-i think part of a bigger picture in dealing with the kitchen spam-we just have to be patient i think…


Hi, I was having to do this a few months ago.

I asked Stewart (mod) if he could help and he got rid of it for me.

luv Pollx

I too am having to do it?? Glad it’s not just me!! Linda x

Thanks well I wonder if its not everyone that it could be take off my account t

It’s me too…

And me …

Every post i want to make i have to fill it in.


I’ve always had to but I’m a newbie! Sara

used to do it occasionally but has been on all posts today - must be to do with the kitchen spam.

I think it does some kind of parsing, to check if your post uses words that are commonly found in spam.

Obviously they’ve tried tweaking the filters today, which means more posts have been identified as suspect.

It used to get triggered by mention of certain brand-name drugs, but on a health forum, where some users will be taking or enquiring about those drugs quite legitimately, that wasn’t a brilliant idea! I think even the word “drug” may have been a dirty word at one point, because so much spam is about that. “Kitchen” is a relatively new one!

I don’t see how making people type the captcha will help, in this case, because it only defeats automated spambots, not real people. The kitchen spammers show every sign of being real. If they’re not deterred by having to create a fake user ID, just to post, I don’t suppose they’ll be put off by having to type the captcha, either.