Quick question - not MS


I posted a reply to my original message that I posted on the 12th - posted the reply on 14th. Can anyone see it? My name hasn’t appeared on the last posted thingy on the right hand side but I can see my post. The same thing happened with a reply I posted in reply to Dave’s question about steroids.

Any help much appreciated



Hi Oohagh, there’s a lot or problems on the site right now. We have been inundated with spam and the tech team having been trying everything to get rid of them… so some people are finding posts aren’t showing or pop up a few days later.

Your posts might appear yet!

It’s such a pain in the rear end!

Hope you’re doing well hon,

Pat x

Thanks Pat :slight_smile: I saved the post in word just in case as its a bit of a long one LOL! It basically explains where I’m up to right now. If it doesn’t appear in a few days I’ll give it another bash.

How you doing yourself? Taste buds back on track at all?



Hi Oonagh, let’s hope it posts ok.

Thanks for asking hon… I still have no sense of smell but I can taste some things. I always thought that if you couldn’t smell anything, you couldn’t taste anything. But not so in my case.

Unless (and this would be SO typical of MS) I can smell things but the bit of the brain that says “OOOH that smells good!” has gone west.

Who knows?

The mystery of life with this damned thing…

Take care hon and ‘speak’ soon,

Pat x

I am glad I read this Pat I have had trouble today and thought it was me it did not like but now I know its everyone and I wont take it personally