'Reply to reply'... an explanation

Hi gang, we used to have this on the old site and I’m very happy to see it back.

At the end of every post you will see a ‘reply’ button.

If you want to reply to a reply instead of the main post, you can hit that button, type your reply and post, and it will be posted directly under the post you replied to… instead of at end of thread.

It will be slightly indented so you an see it’s not a reply to the main post.

Does that make sense? Hope so.

It saves having to use ‘quote’ to show which post you are replying to.

If it doesn’t make sense (more than possible!!!) don’t worry… you’ll get the hang of it in time.

Pat x


I think I understand your explanation Pat and it does sound quite useful. Just a little question, will your reply be like a quote but under the post you’re replying to gather than the end of the thread? So we’d have to look for that post rather than at the bottom of the “page”?

It’s piddling down in the Lakes today but my garden desperately needs the rain so I’m not complaining. I just hope that summer isn’t over now. Take care

Cath xx

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Hi Cath, exactlly, it will be under the post you’re replying to rather than at end of thread. That explains it much better!

Cool and breezy in London… agree… even though I struggle in the heat I still like summer! And one thing I love is when I go out on the scooter I don’t have to spend ages putting layers of clothes on!

Many a time in winter I have got ready to go out & then been too tired to go!

Hope you’re having a good day,

Pat xx


I had to chuckle at that Pat. Isn’t it infuriating when something so silly like getting dressed can defeat us? Summer’s great when I can just pull something light and easy on, long may it last.

Cath xx

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I posted a message on a thread i started a couple weeks ago, and I’m confused as to whether it posted… I ‘replied’ to my original post. When I am logged in I can see my latest message, but when I’m not logged in it isn’t visible. Just wodering if I had something set to private when I posted it?

It was an update on the ‘signs of MS or over-thinking’ thread- is it visible to anyone but me??



If this is a copy of the post then yes it shows to everyone as did the original.
Jan x

I’m confused about whether this posted, because sometimes I can see it and sometimes not. So i’m going to post it again…

Thanks for the flowers Don!

Right, so the doctor I saw seems to think it is a B12 deficiency, as apparently that leads to pins and needles, and it’s likely i’m deficient as i’m vegetarian. So I’ll get the bloodwork for that next week.

I rightly or wrongly decided not to mention MS because I thought she might take my other symptoms less seriously if it was clear i’d been googling :confused: But when she asked if I had other symptoms and I mentioned itchiness in my ankle and the heat symptoms she said she didn’t think they were related. So I’m not sure what to think. In the last week I’ve been getting a kind of buzzing sensation in my lower leg as well, and I woke up with my whole leg numb a couple of nights ago.

Would you guys recommend pushing for further tests? I’m not in any pain and it’s not affecting my life at the moment. (Incidently, I get clicking in my knees and my right hip. If I walk a long way or run then my knees are sometimes sore during or afterwards. Arthritis is in my family so I’ve always assumed that was just dodgy joints and have ignored it as much as possible. That wouldn’t be related- right?)


Kate, I can see the post that Jan mentions, and I remember it being posted at the time. In fact I can see the post twice, because you weren’t sure whether it had posted, so you duplicated it. I expect you were wondering if it hadn’t appeared because no-one has replied. That just happens sometimes on a forum, everyone assumes that someone else will be able to help you and on the end no-one does.

in that situation you can always 'bump’the thread to the top of the page, just reply again to it and ask if anyone has any ideas. Or just type ‘bump’. It’s a common practice on other forums.

Kev xx

Damp here after days of wall to wall sunshine Going out to put raddish seeds in a potting tray
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