The 'reply to the reply' facility

Greetings reader, and I hope all your kites are well battened down ( big fucking weather on the way tomorrow, if you're reading this in the far distant future)


There is some quality rubbish on this Bored at the moment,and experience(HA) tells me there would be much more of it and people would strike up relationships (steady) in public and then go to It appears to be The Gunners about face,oh I'lljust come out and say it [filtered word] about face [filter coffee] oil filter,air filter.


The purpose of the rubbish is to distract,amuse and INCLUDE people.Anybody who disagrees with me can take it up with the Moderators.


So, can we please have our reply facility back.


Any comments on a Forum near you please



Couldn't agree more,the fun stuff has kept me going on more than one occaision,like now for instance.

Once here and cheered up abit I'm more likely to answer a 'help' thread.

And it is pretty obvious what a thread is about if it has the word game,or joke in the title.

And I think I should get a prize for Scunthorpe.

Take care WB,xxjo

Hi there,

I agree completely. Life is not linear. It was much more interesting to read the tangents that grew from replies to a reply.

I often want to comment on what someone has said but find the quote feature naff and I don’t like to hijack the origionals poster’s thread. I think it was much more dynamic and life-like to be able to shoot off in another, albeit, related direction.