Just in time perhaps

Greetings,and may things be better than expected. I’ve been watching the Asian Community Board on this site and the second post of the year has appeared.

My suggestion was to have been that this part of the site be used as ‘A Happy Playground’. Nothing about MS,just jokes,commentary on current affairs,jokes,wit+wisdom,jokes,banter,jokes,flirting,just anything happy,quirky,and distracting enough to take the reader to a happier place. The heavyweight content of this board will always be here,but the loss of Pen Pals in the ‘re-shuffle’ wasn’t good.

Obviously the PM facility is always there,but I find that PM ing is difficult if it hasn’t come from a happy place

Do you have any thoughts on this idea? Will it be another six months before another post appears?Are there enough happy loonies to make use of this space? And most importantly would any of our Asian membership object.


not sure about this idea mr wobbly. i dont understand why there is an an asian community or glams in the first place. we all have ms regardless of race or sexual preference so why segregate in the frst place. evedryones wecome on here as far as im concerned. i also like a good argument, laugh discussion etc all under one roof. but i do miss the penpals site. but there again that wasnt well used either. hmm…x

The Glams board is busy and vibrant and they wouldn’t be at all pleased with an influx of squatters,but there is a piece of realestate which could be a happy place.This board tends to lean towards the miserable and no matter how hard individuals try it is very difficult to lift the mood.

However, if we gatecrash an empty space and have nothing but ‘Happy Rubbish’ from the outset it will always be a jolly place. I’ve still got some bolt cutters somewhere,but I’ll need a hand to swing the gates open.