Ah! everyone is here...

If I wasn’t down as a ‘guest’ when the PPMS board was first founded/launched I’d be monopolising the site!! That can’t be right because I waffle and ramble. Where are the sensible folk? I’m fedup with my MS it’s boring and I very nearly logon as helllllllllllllllllllllllllllms. I’m going to have lunch with my two sisters we have not managed to do this before - logistics and a big heart required but I’m up for it. Have a goooood day (that ooooo was unintentional but you get the idea), There’s no escaping me, sorry about that, take care M

Enjoy your lunch. Marcus. x.

Welcome and may you spend many a good hour on here when youve got time in between socialising :smiley: Monopolise, its all new and there are loads of people to meet, some likeminded, some different, some inquisitive, but mostly some very special msers like you! Luv bren xx