how is it?

How is it I Havn’t had any response to my comments, posts or pms with this new site, I was willing to adapt but am dissapointed and even get my comments crash mid sentence.

Sorry to hear that!

Tracy x

Maybe its because youve gone under anonymous. I did reply to an anonymous post, which said they wanted someone to talk to. But I didn`t get a reply to that.

When there are more than one anonymous posters, we can`t tell one from another.

luv POllx

I’m not sure if you think it’s technical problems, or just that you’re being ignored. I’m sorry if you feel it’s the latter.

This board is definitely not as busy as the old one used to be, and I notice posts sometimes go unanswered for quite some time.

As others have said, it might be something to do with going “anon” (assuming you did for other posts too).

People are less likely to engage if it’s not somebody they can put a name to (even a made-up one), as it feels a bit impersonal.

Or maybe you happen to have posted things nobody here has an answer to? Sometimes, if a post gets few/no replies, it’s simply because nobody’s got experience or advice about that particular thing, and it feels a bit pointless replying just to say: “Sorry, I’ve no idea”.

I do think it’s odd you aren’t getting replies to direct PMs, though. I think most folks will reply to a PM - as long as it’s nice! I can only assume the recipients haven’t seen/read them yet. Or given that pretty much all of us here aren’t well, perhaps they just take a long time to get round to replying?

I know I get pretty behind with my correspondence sometimes (here, and elsewhere).

Take care,


Hi! thanks for all the replies, this post is the 1st one I’ve gone anon on.

take care everyone,

Peter xx

Thats great we know who were on about, eh?

How you doing?

luv Pollx