How Many Still Having Problems Posting/Replying

Just wondered how many of us have been having trouble posting/replying on and off. Sometimes mine shows and sometimes they don’t. They always appear in My Profile but not on the actual forum. )On my computer anyway). PMs have been fine.

Shazzie xx

I’m having exactly the same problem and it’s blummin annoying!! I’ve been trying for the last 2 days to respond to Jools, Sara, Bex and Min who kindly answered my ISC - One For The Ladies thread but my response only shows up in my profile so I’ve copied it and pasted it below and hope THIS post will show up!!!

Hi Jools, Sara, Bex and Min! Many thanks for your positive advice, I have to say I’m half scared but now half positive and looking forward to having at least some control over this damn MS. I’m not sure about the mirror thing as I think it may get in the way but I’ll see how I get on with one on the day. Trouble is I can’t see past my big boobs very well so I hope I can rely on feel alone and I have to admit I know that area pretty well lol.

I find if I put an emoticon in my posts they don’t show up, all those I don’t put them in are fine… odd really?

I have… this is my second attempt to post a reply to you :o

Attempt THREE to respond to this… count me in!

Hi Susie 27

Your reply came through fine. I must admit I really miss it when I can’t use the site. Jools. Sara, Bex and Min has shown up too. Yey!!!

Shazzie xx

Hi Imp

Yey!!! Your reply came through 3 times. Can you see this reply? If I don’tget a reply I will PM you.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Val

Stewart has been working really hard to sort it I know.

Thank you so much to all of you for trying to sort this for us.

Shazzie x

Hi folks, This sure has been so fustrating, but I think Imp has hit the nail on the head, when I use emonicons, it seems to get blocked but suzie you have loads and I can see your post fine???..who knows if this will get through :-S (tried making my own :slight_smile: Jools X

yup me too. thats if this shows. my threads are unpublished, posts not showing grrr

that worked! this forum must be scarred of you now lol

Hi Jools and Kel2808.

Both your posts are showing on the forum. Yey!!

I thought I was the only one it was happening to that’s why I posted this so we could all chat about it.

Thank you Stewart and the other mods who have been working so hard to sort it.

Shazzie x

Yes shazzie, Our chats and mods efforts worked, good going! :slight_smile: Jools X



Yes, I even started a thread about it and guess what - that disappeared too! The ones with emoticons definitely disappear but even ones without aren’t showing :frowning:

I don’t think the forum likes me any more!


Ooh, just checked further down the page and I see my thread has appeared - about 5 hours too late! Lol

T x

Better late then never Tracey. Hehehe!

Shazzie x

Oh, I’m here now :slight_smile:

Story of my life :wink:

T x

Never had problem with posting/replying - but logging on - yes. ln fact l do not ‘log off’ as l find they will not except my username/password - even though l have used the same for years. Even write them in my phone book in case l forget - and have a automatic ‘sign on’ - so my username automatically comes up just under the line that you put it in to remind you. But still it comes back as ‘username/password not recognised’.

Shouting at the laptop does not work - l keep saying ‘lts me - thats my name’ but it never listens.