Why cant I reply to posts?


So I was merrily replying to a couple of posts last week - no problem. I did have to do the word verification thingy which was new for me. Today I have treid to reply to 2 different posts twice and it wont work. I hit the post button and to me it looks like I have replied and its there but then I go away and come back and its gone.

Naughty computer gremlins???

Yeah, snap! I’ve posted a few things today but for some reason just vanished as soon as I pressed ‘post’, a few days ago I posted something but the message is still there waiting to be ‘published’!

Apologies for any inconvenience or frustration- we seem to be experiencing some issues since upping the security to prevent spam.


Stewart (admin)

Thats OK Stewart - feel better knowing its not me being a donut! will keep trying!

replied to that OK! I am on the up!

I’ve been getting the same problem. Stewart is being very helpful though, as usual. Thanks Stewart.