Why can't I post?

I suppose this is a question for whoever runs this site. Every time I try to post something with more than a couple of sentences I get an error message. How do I solve this?


I think Oliver from admin should be along in the morning.

Meanwhile, all seems to be working OK for me, so a bit of a puzzle.

Could there be a problem with your equipment maybe?

Ben (just trying to help)

Are you using your phone? I have been having problems replying to messages recently unless I am using my laptop. Sharon. X

btw, I’m using a tablet.

Nah, been using the same iPad I always use. It’s a mystery

I just tried to send a message to someone using my phone and that’s just failed too. But I’ve just managed to reply to you! _ using my phone. I think there must be gremlins…


I’m sorry to hear this. Can you try this again and send me a PM with a screen shot of the error message you receive? Also, are you using emoji’s in any of your sentences which you’re trying to post?