Error messages

Does anyone get how or why ? Too many times now I have spent time and emotion in responding only to get an error

message. Is their a reason ?

hi sarah

message one of the mods.

don’t know who they are any more but they can help,

carole x

i’ll press the report button to get them to see

Yes. The same has happened to me :confused:

Thankyou catwomen

I’ve found that using the emoticons (smileys) provided by my tablet instead of the ones provided by the forum will get me an error message when I try to post. Other than that, you probably should contact the mods.

That is what I was going to say, emojis don’t work which is why we have to use etc. Unless you are Scudger, in which case, you are a magician who can put any damn thing he likes in his posts.

Oliver the Mod is a good person to contact if it’s not to do with emoticons.



oh i am too late!



Thank you. It does seem to be my I pad smiles. And as you said it seems ok with the forum ones.

Glad we could help.