what the hell?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else having a nightmare posting on this site!!! I havent been able to send anything in days!!! i dont know why error, error, bloody error keeps coming up! Before my tablet bounces off the wall please help!!! Tracey x

Cant believe it, going to push my luck cos that one posted, y am i able to post on this tablet & not other 1? Error notification is sent by ms web site so it cant b tablet can it? I hate modern technology, get me a pigeon Tracey x

i’ve had a few of those error messages but not recently.

if the problem continues try messaging admin.

carole x

Yes, me too. I posted (eventually) about this a few days ago, but didn’t get a solution.

Hi there,

Apologies some of you have been experiencing problems using the forum with your tablets. In the case of iPads, we think there may have been an ios update recently that might not be compatible with the forum.

Although many of you can use the forum on your mobiles, tablets and iPads - it wasn’t actually built for use on these devices. It was intended for use on laptops and desktop computers. More details on this can be found here:

Improving the experience of the website on mobiles is part of our ongoing development plans, particularly as people are using their mobiles more and more.

In the meantime, some forum users have found changing their browser helps. Chrome seems to be the best option at the moment.

Many thanks,

Steph (Admin)

Thank you Steph, was beginning to think it was me!!! Tracey x