Smileys / Emoticons

Has anyone else found this?

Whenever I try to add a smiley or emoticon to a post, it wipes my entire post out - even though all seems normal if I ‘preview’ first?!!

I’ve tried this with Explorer (…which doesn’t do ‘line-breaks’ either), Opera, Chrome and Firefox browsers, so I would be inclined to think there’s a problem with the forum software itself?!!

If anyone has had this issue and found a way round it, I’d be very grateful for your advice.


Hi Dom

I did have this issue for a little while a few months back when the kitchen spam was at its worst and think it was because the security settings were set to very high. Every time I used an emoticon it delayed my post for at least several hours. At the time I just used my own instead of the preset ones and that seemed to get round it.

Now it seems as if I can use as many as I like and it doesn’t affect my post.

Maybe you should contact the Mods and see if they can help?


Many thanks, Tracey !

I’ll certainly ask the Mods if they can help.

Take care,