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All afternoon I’ve been trying to reply to a thread & send a message bit it’s not letting me :frowning: keep saying there is an error :-/

Yes I get that a lot, really annoying! I wonder if this will get through ???

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Wow. - that was a surprise!!!

Are you using smilies then copy and pasting your message, If so try posting without.

Jan x

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Do smiles make a difference? Never knew that (confused face)

it has happened to me a few times, usually when i’ve gone into a lot of detail and used proper punctuation - infuriating!!

so now i don’t go into detail and i dont punctuate!

carole x

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They don’t always make a difference but do sometimes. It might have no bearing on the problems you are having just a thought for you to check

Jan x

I’ll bear that in mind, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Are you still experiencing problems posting?

Many thanks,

Steph (admin)

The only problems I’ve had posting is I go too far down and hit the back to everyday living prompt instead of the post one, doh

Have done that a few times and lose everything, I am blonde after all

It’s been ok today, but all day yesterday I had problems with the forum