Sometimes when I try to reply to a thread I’m unable to as I’m told the post is over & cut & paste it…& it won’t even let me do that!

And I’m finding it very difficult to type as I’m having to constantly go back & insert missing letters, it only happens on here.

Any (clean) suggestions? I’m sure I’d have much more to say if only it was easier!

Rosina x

I can’t get it to work on here either!

I just tried it and it would not let me copy!

Type short messages and quickly…that works :slight_smile: Then go back in and edit…like I’ve just done :slight_smile: Also! Quote facility works too :slight_smile:

I just had a PM from Steph responding to my complaints on the sticky “Forum upgrade” thread. They obviously are trying to sort things out! Can I suggest problems are logged on that thread - it may be a more direct route.

I also had the “post had timed out so cut & paste”, but it worked second time.

Emma x

It just happened again … hope it works this time!

I had the same problem with timed out and paste and copy.


I have managed a much longer response on my PC without it timing out than I can do on my tablet. On my tablet, I get the “timed out - copy and paste your text and reload the page” message on most replies. I haven’t seen it yet since I’ve been using my PC today.

It is irritating, especially as I can’t reliably get my tablet to give me the “copy” tool. At least on the PC I can copy and paste easily.

i have the EXACT same issue here. typing is a nightmare as the keyboard misses out letters, no facility to cut and paste, and its only this website that i have this trouble with. glad isn’t not just me!

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