This site is getting worse! After trying to post a new thread I got told to copy then reload the page. Did that only to be told to do it again! My hands can’t take much more so I’ll leave the thread for now… I’ve had enough. I’ve had a crap day and I’m really grumpy so can’t be bothered

Ah, try again in the morning hopefully things will look better then.

Hi Vinneygirl

I feel your frustration, as it is still doing that to me, plus I sometimes really struggle to get on the site.

Hang in there, hopefully it will improve.

Pam x

It is really difficult to operate, I’m new and I’m newly dx with PPMS and could do with it being easier

Polly xxx

Yup, just happened to me again.


Test - having problems too

It appears can only type a few words & be very quick

Just tried again with longer explanation, I give up Page timed out again. Am not slow…

Tried and failed several times yesterday! Very frustrating :frowning: emailed admin.

Apologies for those having difficulties with the forum at the moment. It’s incredibly frustrating for us too- not that it’s any consolation.

In order to fix the problems, we’ve been carrying out some maintenance work on our servers. We are doing our best to get this sorted and are very sorry that it appears to be taking so long.

Stewart (admin)

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Just spent 5 mins replying to a private message Dont know how to save, now all lost.

Could you let me know if any of you are still experiencing the issue where you recieve an error message telling you to copy and paste and reload the page and then you lose your post.? We’re hoping this issue has now been resolved, if not, please tell us.


Yep, it just happened to me and my profile information has vanished again.

Managed to send my pm this time. Trying to make this post a bit longer as I could post but only if I kept it very short

It worked, may not have been long enough though!

Just tried to respond to another pm Error message and lost it again

Sorry to keep asking, how is it today? I’m going to test sending a PM too.

Steph (admin)

Managed to send another pm message,; had to wait till this morning tho, Gave up after 3 attempts last night. Assuming this posts ok, it seems ok!

Oh I really hope it’s sorted. I tried to post a longer post last night but was timed out once again. So I’m going to write complete drivel in the hope that it’s working properly once again. Blah de blah de blah de blah… Maybe this is the turning point for this annoying hiccup on this normally brilliant forum. Aaah well, we shall see… Here goes!!!

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Omg!!! It worked!!! Whoop whoop!!! :smiley: