Struggling To Post Or Reply Tip

Hi folks it may not be ideal but the site seems to be a pain for some so i thought id let you know what i do , i type any replies or pm’s on word, works word or just wordpad then just copy and paste my replies at least then if it fails i dont have to type it again and any smilies i wanna add i do when ive pasted the text hope it helps

respect sheep

Thank you for this good idea. I wish i had read it BEFORE drafting two long-ish replies recently and finding that the system would neither post them nor allow me to copy them to save elsewhere. My, how I laughed.


There is another advantage to sheep’s approach - Word (or similar) does a spell-check, which picks up most of the typos (and I am making far too many of these).


wot/ too technical for me i`m afraid, but thanks for trying to help us…hey, this has been a tad better!


I’ve tried copy and paste. It doesn’t work on my Windows8. Anyone else with Windows8 that can help please? :slight_smile:

I can copy and paste from Word on Windows 8 to the Forum- but when I press paste on the Forum it comes up with a funny little clip-board mini-window and only lets me paste into that rather than straight in to the reply window. But it will then transfer across.

What I can’t do is copy and paste in the other direction - from the Forum to Word - a failed reply that has timed out. Once it’s timed out, you’re snookered.


Thank you Alison but this is doing my head in. So far, I can cut and paste from forum to word but I don’t want that still can’t copy and paste from word to forum

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Just out of interest, Blossom, do you try using the drop-down menu in your browser to copy/paste, or do you try the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V shortcuts?
They are supposed to do the same thing - but some of the time this does not work.


I’ve tried both ways Geoff thank you. I tried google for help and it seems I’m not the only one having this problem with Windows8 :frowning:

Just thought I’d let you guys know, I can now copy and paste. Steph suggested I try turning off pop up blockers…hey presto

I like the new smileys

I stand corrected. Steph said it’s due to the upgrade but I’m still happy

Great news Blossom

I couldn’t type long replies or copy and paste a week ago but everything is working as it used to now including emoticons so I’m guessing they are finally getting things fixed. It was so frustrating last week with letters being missed etc that I admit I gave up a couple of times …

Still it’s all better now and I like the new smileys too, Blossom

Tracey x


Just a note on switching off the pop up blocker, I can’t swear to it that this wouldn’t have helped, but I know the latest update did fix the copy and paste issue, so that’s one thing sorted . You might want to re-enable your pop up blockers, otherwise you might get loads of adverts pop up on your screen when browsing the Internet. To be honest though, pop up blockers do little to stop that kind of thing these days, you’re better off with an ad blocker. I digress…

There are other issues the latest update fixed too, but we seem to have a couple of new problems now, namely the resize tool and the grey background I know some of you are experiencing. We are investigating these with the developers.

Thanks again for all posts on this. It does help.


Steph (admin)

Am I the only one who’s screen freezes if she deletes part of a post or who’s curser goes to the beginning instead of to the start of a new line if I tap return. I’m using iPad.