the time it takes to reply to a post.....

allo all. I am usually an avid replier to many posts, but am being put off as it takes me ages to complete a reply. Letters are missng from words.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

It isnt the fault of my laptop, as it doesnt happen when I am doing anything else.



the whole site is having probs-stewart is aware and it is being addressed…

ellie x

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Me too Poll. I have been kicked out mid stream a couple of times and then it doesn’t recognise my password. I am sure it will be sorted soon.

Shazzie x

My God! I’ve been having that problem - didnt think it might be connected with the site though now I think about it it is always when on here. Letters not appearing or in wrong order or overwriting text. Taking ages to correct. Thought it was my keyboard.

Yep! Same problems for me, hope it’ll be better soon

Rosina x

Glad to hear it isnt only me having that problem.


I too have this problem.

I was having this problem before the update (just on this site, nowhere else) and it’s better for me now. How weird!

Tracey x

problems? i have them all!!

ha ha ha! got to laugh though

carole x

I been having the same but now ive got into the habit or after typing my reply i select all the text then push ctrl & C then if all goes wrong i got everything then when i get told to refresh i just hit ctrl & V and its pasted back in the box no long re-typing to do :slight_smile:

respect Sean

I’m becoming an IT expert

ta, bu that soundstoo copor my simplerain.

I have not corrected my reply, so you can see what is happening…this sentece has taken too long to type!