Issues with posts and site response

Hi all

A couple of teething problems with the time it’s taking to show your posts on the site today. Your posts are not going into a moderation queue - or dissapearing - they’re just taking time to ‘go live’.

Please, if you post something and it doesn’t appear straight away, don’t repost it. There’s a lag before it’s will show on the site which means that some topics have been appearing as many as three times on the system today!

Greg [admin]

Why are there white stripes going accross my screen please?

Hi Belinda

Could you email me a screenshot and details of your browser and the version you’re running.

Greg [admin]

Hi Greg,

Which Belinda do you mean???

And Oooops, I reposted a few times after getting a 403 Error message so there may be several repeats of one or two of my posts popping up in the near future


Belinda (but not sure which one)

You can only send a pm to the author of the post now - is that correct?

There used to be a pm facility on the post replies also.

Or am i being dim again? lol!!

Teresa. x

Hi Teresa

If you click on anyone’s name next to their post you’ll land at a profile page for them.

There you’ll see the option to add them as a buddy, send them a PM and to look at their recent posts.

Greg [admin]

I meant Broushka - sorry!

Greg [admin]

Cheers Greg!

I WAS being dim again!! LOL!!

Teresa. x

It’s ok Greg I’ve sorted it by changing the background, love that feature and it’s so easy to find now.

BTW, asking me to email you a screenshot is akin to asking me to split the atom again, whilst locating the God Particle.

Oh phew… even people without MS have MS brain moments


Should this lag be fixed by now Greg and if not, can you say roughly how long the delay is? I’ve just noticed that the record of responses to a post in Every Day Living titled along the lines of “I’m 21 and thinking of going travelling” is completely different from the record of responses appearing under My profile (because I responded to it). The profile version records for example my own response and those of at least two other respondents, but none of these are included under the record for the post in Every Day Living. Equally, a string of responses included in the Every Day Living version are not listed in the version shown in My Profile. Not sure if it is connected with the delay you flagged or something else, and whether it affects other posts.

OK I think I can see what has happened. It looks like the same post was made twice into the Forum wheras the profile record refers only to the one I replied to. Didnt mean to send you on a wild goose chase Greg.