Admin Help me Pleeeeeease

Sorry for posting this on this board - but i have tried replying on a thread and the reply doesn’t show. My messages don’t show the double line spacing that i’m putting in…and I can’t seem to contact anyone on the admin e-mail. Is there a problem with the website or is it me?


I am no admin but can confirm your post is visible


Nana, I am emojiless, have been for a while. Sometimes (rarely) they appear, then gone!!! Not sure why it is but it’s a bloody big Gremlin!!! Oliver is on it & I’m sure admin will get yours sorted too x

Thanks Mick - but there’s another thread I replied to and it’s disappeared lol

My technical response is “Bother”

Winnie-the-Pooh is my mentor.

I hope that the admin team will help as soon as they can.



Hi Nana - we’re sorry for our late response. Oliver is out of the office today, so I’m covering for him. I’ll have a look into this for you now!



Thanks Jenny

Hi Jenny, I can’t update my profile either!!

Yes, Oliver has been aware for a few days. The more who report problems, the better; but do give a much detail as possible - e.g. PC or tablet, or smart-phone user.


I’ve got my emojis back Geoff, followed Steph’s advice & used Firefox instead see!!!

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Thank you Admin!!! All seems sorted, profile updates working fine