Problem with website?

Hi…I’ve been trying to reply to my post from earlier today but I keep getting the message ‘error with website’ .

Anyone else getting this?

Hmm? And yet it’s let me create a new post?

it’s a strange old world with a strange old website for strange old people who have a strange old disease.

now a rousing chorus of “people are strange” by the doors.

seriously cathy, it happens to us all.

either gremlins in my brain or gremlins in t’internet.

take care

carole xx

have you tried turning it off and then back on again?

Hi Cathy,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulties with the website. I’m not aware of any widespread problems, so if this is still a problem for you today, can you PM me and I will get our fab web team to have a look, thanks.

Oliver (admin)

Hello Oliver, yes, I’ve sent a message to administrator I think Andrew?

Yes, I don’t seem to be able to add to my own posts.

Will check if this one works. Lol.

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I’m reading your reply - so I presume everything is working OK now, if you do have any problems/queries using the forum, just let me know.


Just trying again, Oliver…

have you tried emptying your cache?

Ok…yes, I’ve now cleared cookies etc.

Usually it’s letting me post once, but not twice. I’ll try again !

And now I’ll post again… Holding my breath.

No…it then stopped again. Just cleared cookies again. Let’s see if this posts? If not I’ll just have to read others.

Hi Cathy, again I can see your reply but I’ve also just sent you an email. Oliver

Thanks Oliver. Yes just replied to email. I’m going to try just on my phone today to see what happens. Not ideal as rather a small screen and with my blurry vision at the mo…some posts could just be rather interesting. Lol.

Thanks for your help though.