Hi folks

Does anyone else Tweet?

Usually only to rant. I find it is like talking to yourself really.

I mainly use it to get news and headlines, not as an outlet. I guess I am a consumer and not a contributer.

I might be more inclined if it didn’t have such a silly name.

Hi M, I tweet love. Sending you a PM with twitter address.

Pat x

Hi M

No, still trying to understand the computer!


Hi all

Sorry to butt in but at the moment this forum will not allow me to

put a new post on, but will allow me to comment on others.

Any thoughts please?


Hi Pam, same here!

Seems they’ve made some changes & looking good… but at moment can’t put on new post. I assume they are working on it!

Anyway we have a ‘like’ button which I’ve been wanting for ages.

Hope you’re doing ok?

I seem to have had busy morning. Why is shopping online so exhausting??? LOL…

Hope you and all the gang are doing ok,

Pat x

Cheers Pat, I thought I was going mad!

I agree, doing anything is exhausting. Hope everyone is having a good day.


Hi Pat, whats going on? I cant post…site problems again?

luv Pollx

Yeh Pam, same here. Did you get my pm today?

luv Pollx

Hi gang, as you can see, the board has been upgraded but it’s led to a problem where new posts are not showing yet. Greg answered my query on that top bit on Everyday Living… I’m hoping they can get it fixed for tomorrow.

Anyway here’s what he wrote,

Hi Pat

I’ve PM’d in case you can’t see this - you may see an error when you post a new topic but it will be added to the system. Things are then taking an age to appear on the site so don’t repost. We’re working on a fix at the moment.

Greg [admin

Pat x (sorry this has gone into tiny text!!!)

Hi Pat, Where is and what is a ‘like’ button? Please excuse my ignorance if this is obvious. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, look at the top of this post… 3 little boxes…

one says ‘report post’ next says ‘Like(0)’ and last says ‘quote’.

If you like someone’s post you can click the box that says ‘Like(0)’ and they will see that you liked it.

I think it’s good cos sometimes you just like what someone wrote but don’t really want to post that you liked it… if you see what I mean. This way you can just click ‘Like’…

Oh it’s the little things that make life so special… LOL…

Hope you’re doing ok love,

Pat x

Hi Pat Thanks for that, I may use that now. I’m not too bad thanks, hope you’re not doing too badly atm. Teresa xx

Thank goodness it was not just me having trouble!! I’d wanted to post before going on my R&R and thought it hadn’t worked BUT back today and it had ‘posted’, go figure

Thanks for all the ‘tweet’ info but I think I’ll stick with this websiteM