Do any of you tweet? I’d be interested in following you.


Hi Chris

I do not use twitter, I can only just manage Facebook! I am sure some people will be along shortly that do.

All the best

Pam x

I use Twitter Chris. I’ll PM you. Pat xx

My daughter set me a Twitter account up but I didn’t know what to do with it so can’t even remember my login. I use Facebook which seems easier.

Cath x

I tweet all day long just retweeted the MS twitter thing

My twitter is


I think I’ll have to broke my daughter into giving me Twitter lessons. I’ve just mastered Facebook though she keeps telling me I’m doing stuff wrong and have far too much crap coming in. It may be worth a try.

Cath xx

Cath I prefer Twitter, I am on Facebook but don’t like it anymore

I like them both… but for different reasons. I like Facebook cos it keeps me in touch with family… nieces, cousins etc… and keeps me in touch with friends and family in the States… also a couple of groups I belong to… Twitter is great for sharing articles about MS or political stuff… so they both have their uses. Like this forum… they’re great if you’re home alone a lot (which I am but I’m not complaining!). Pat xx

I belong to some nice groups on Facebook. Jen likes Twitter too, I’ll learn. Oh and I’m not some mafia rogue, I was trying to say I’ll bribe her to teach me, I’ve just seen my last message and I’m not into breaking kneecaps etc, my predictive text got carried away again.

Pat like you I’m happy at home on my own, some people make us sound like sad people with no life but I enjoy solitary time. I don’t need others to entertain me, I don’t know about you but I never get bored, I’ve too many interests.

Cath xx

Pat no good complaining on here were all in the same boat