Lost sense of smell & taste!

Could have titled it ‘What fresh hell is this?’

Noticed it for a while, that things didn’t smell of much… and then noticed that I was rather piling the salt on food to try and create some taste.

Well now I have to admit it… I’ve hardly got any sense of smell or taste. I have got a bit with some things… but very very slight.

Got a GP appointment in morning… medication & critical illness review (that should take all of 5 minutes…LOL) and will mention it… but got a feeling it’s going to be a case of ‘one of those MS things’.

Hope it comes back cos I’m a gal who loves my food… Unfortunately it does not decrease appetite… in fact I seem to be even hungrier in the search for that elusive taste!

Anyone else? Does it come back?

Hope you’re all doing ok. Bit cooler in London,

Love Pat xx

Hi Pat, That’s horrible for you…my sense of smell is no longer good but taste seems to remain the same. I’ve heard of it before relative to MS but that’s not to say there isn’t some sort of medication that might help…I have a vague recollection of reading about a nasal spray…don’t take that as gospel though, I’m such a dope these days…I shall be forgetting my own name soon !!! Good luck at the doctors …can you get there on your little trolley? Sorry I don’t have any more information…sure someone else will come along soon that knows more about it…seems odd that its you who is asking a question today! Take care Pat X

Hi Pat

Sorry I’m not experienced with ms but I know smoking reduces both of those senses. Don’t know if you do smoke. It’s reversible when you stop, one of the reasons so many people put weight on when they stop.

Take care, sorry that’s all I know.

Cath x

I’m with you ‘What fresh hell s this’ sorry to say I don’t know anything about it BUT I didn’t want to send a flower Mx

Hi Pat, That sounds awful - food is one of the pleasures we still have left! Could it be something like hay fever causing this?I find that my sense of smell and taste buds are blunted by the ongoing hay fever atm. I hope this can be sorted and is not at all MS related! Let us know how it goes with the GP! Teresa xx

Thanks Golden Girls.

This is my third reply… each time I got to the end and the website just closed itself and lost my reply… so I’m doing this in Word and will copy/paste!

GP thinks it’s an MS thingy (in other words she doesn’t know any more than me). Anyway she was nice and supportive.

Nina, yes went on little scooter. Nice ride through back streets of pretty Victorian houses.

Cath, yes I smoke but I’ve never had this before & after years of smoking I still had sense of smell (and yes, last time I quit I put on stone and a half!!!)

Teresa, it’s awful as you say food is one of our few pleasures! I can taste if something is sweet or salty or spicy, but no other taste. Yesterday I had some pineapple and I could taste the acid and sweetness by no pineapple taste at all.

Oh well… one of those things.

I’m tired today and got headache… strange because it’s a bit cooler… just a short trip to the GP’s has done me in.

Time to make cup of tea, lie on bed and relax.

Lots of love my darlings… have a good day,

Pat xx

Pat, sorry your feeling scrappy…just wanted to check that you’d remembered your own advise and taken a paracetamol and an ibuprofen? Lots of love to you too xx

Oh Nina thanks… no naturally I forgot!!! (even though I have a supply of both!)

Feeling much better after quiet afternoon. Going film club… though tonight we are watching 3 episodes of Keeping Up Appearences.

Much love,

Hyacinth Bucket xxx

Sorry that she thinks it is MS related - if you’re lucky it may be short-lived! Let’s hope so! Hope you enjoy Hyacinth Bucket! Teresa xx

Like Teresa I just hope it’s sort lived. But if I got it I wonder if I’d eat less… My weight has soared since I’ve been less active and taking all the meds. What do you think? If it’s a diet solution bring it on.

Cath x

Sorry Cath… it’s not a diet solution! I seem to get just as hungry and perhaps more so as I’m not satisfied as no taste!!!

Also I noticed last night that chocolate still has some taste… so perhaps there is light at end of the tunnel !!!

Pat x

Oh well that’s a bonus. Life can’t be all that bad Pat. I’m moaning about my weight then offering to bake for my Aunt’s charity do tomorrow, and of course you can’t send cakes out without testing them.

Take care.

Cath x

Hi Pat, Phew,that really would be the end of the world as we know it…chocolate with no taste! Unthinkable !! Take care, Love Nina x

Thank God you can still taste chocolate Pat. Life wouldn’t be worth living if you couldn’t! Teresa xx

It was creme brulee chocolate… has to rank as one of the best chocolate experiences ever!

Pat x

We care for son Primary progressive MS he is very bad. Blind, bowel and bladder incontinent can’t swallow - he has just been on respite for a week and is always like this when he comes home. He needs four movicol each day along with loads of puréed fruit and veg. I.e raspberries strawberries black and blue berries and veg of all kind. The respite stop two of his movicol and he ends up impacted further up. He has a narrowing of his bowel due to the MS Does anyone have any bowel problems like our son.