Getting really disenchanted

I’m sorry but I’ve tried posting something which I was hoping would go live straight away so that I could get you’re help, as I’m in a bit of a panic! But yet again, it has been ‘unpublished’. When I first joined I was able to post straight away and talk to you all and get some real help and support but now it gets like I’m talking to a brick wall! Why does this happen? (I probably won’t get an answer to this either)

It’s the damn kitchen Spam! I really hate it when my posts are queued to be moderated but I suppose it’s better than pages of offers to buy new kitchens!

It’s sods law that this post has appeared but you don’t mention what it is you’re in a panic about. Have another go.

Hi, like Wendels, I am wondering what is worrying you. Can I help at all?

luv Pollx

Is it about your bungalow because if so it’s on now and you’ve had loads of replies

Tracey xx

Hi Just wondering what you needed help with and if you still haven’t managed to get any help with it let me know whether I could help in any way?

;-))) Mary