When's Day?

It’s after night…

Just stating the obvious.

My elderly neighbour with dementia inquired how to ignite a gas cooker. After entering what seemed to be the inside of a gas processing plant. I opened all the windows & doors. Turned the cooker off & went to buy a fire lighter.

On my return, I met a lovely woman. The gentle mans carer.

Strange how each day, throws curve balls. And we have to think how to solve problems.

Take it easy folks.


Talking about neighbour things…

me and hubby were in the conservatory with the doors open this morning, whenn we heard a crash and a yell…our next door neighbours, who are 69 and 72, sounded in trouble. We have a high fence twixt our gardens, but we called out and hubby stood on our bench to ask if they were alright.

the lady (of the house!) had fallen off a step stool as she was cleaning their bedroom window. we live in bungalows.

She was ok thankfully. Hubby asked why doesnt the man of the house do that job.

Lady said Hes afraid of heights…and him an ex Royal Marine!`



Ex marine or not, when someone is in their 70’s & 80’s. I can understand a fear of heights.

Brittle bones & all that. Age & health situation comes into play.

Some kids think they are marines, by pressing buttons.

Some gossipy women, think that because they have a vicious mouth, & 20 kids, they own the universe.

Horses for courses.