lost it!

Just been singing happy birthday to a very dear friend and neighbour. She’s 79 today and although her body’s somewhat knackered due to the remnants of benign brain tumours damage (12 years ago), I always reckoned her mind is pretty sharp!

But she was just telling me a friend of her’s had a bad fall yesterday and dislocated her shoulder and broke her wrist. This friend is of a similar age to her. She was taken to A & E, where an obstetrician was called to reset the shoulder and wrist!

Well, we both laughed when we envisaged this poor injured woman, with an 8lb baby coming out of her shoulder!!!

Talking about saying the wrong word…last week my granddaughter was putting a pizza in our oven and asked me if it was gas or electric, to set the temperature. I answered quickly, ‘electric’ and thought no more about it.

The lass said she couldn’t fathom it out and would go ask her granddad to help.

He came in and said, ‘Your grandma hasn’t used this new cooker, but I did tell it was a gas one, just like all the others we’ve had over the last 40 odd years!’

Losing it! Lost it!


hi poll

you funny old thing.

it’s horrendous how my mind keeps doing daft things.

but we gotta laugh!

carole x