My brain is broke - I haven't lost it !!


I want to start by saying I really am not ungrateful and I know how lucky I am to have such lovely bosses and colleagues!

Today, and many other days, I have been sent home from work again.

I wasn’t 100% when I went in but nothing acutely wrong just the normal turned up a little bit and very tired.

I saw one of the bosses who commented I looked dazed I said I was just tired because it’s true.

The day progresses and I am struggling with dizziness and fog and tired … I put my head in my hands while I am spinning, close my eyes and wait for it to pass… in walks the same boss who insists I go home.

I can’t be bothered with the argument so I agree to work at home, then I am told to call my line manager which I do who insists I do not work when home, erm okay? I was happy to but okay.

Then I get “how are you getting home?” “Can you drive?” to which I obviously answer yes and a tete a tete ensues as we debate the merits of me driving home. “what if your leg goes?” I said my neuro has deemed I can drive as well as the DVLA

Anyway I drove home, now I am upset.

I know how this looks and really I am not ungrateful I just wish decisions were just mine. Why am I sent home to feel like I am useless when actually 5 mins and a cup of tea would have done the trick.

Why do I have to justify my decision and qualification to drive. I am a mom and grown woman and not an idiot.

Now I feel on the scrap heap and I am worried about my absence from work and their interest in me driving. I will sit here and wind myself straight up worrying.

I have just done a fields test and my first mri since DMDs so it is probably worrying about those that is stressing me

I am poorly every day and in pain as we all are they can’t keep sending me home ! I am doing my job. I work from home sometimes because I need to but at least that’s my choice !

Sorry I know this is pathetic when our lovely Sssue is recuperating and our Poll has had such a hard time lately :frowning:


Hello darlin!

Youre not pathetic. You are trying your best to carry on as per normal`…whatever normal is.

Im giving up trying to find another carer. The hours on offer are too few and not enough money to put your coat on for, apparently! Cant blame folk.

Sue will recover and be back here on the Brian Fog thread, with lots to say, no doubt.

It seems your bosses have your best interests at heart, but do you think it might be a good idea to reduce your hours?

If working from home is a sensible option, then why dont they want you to do that, I wonder?

I admire you for pushing yourself on, when your body is letting you down.

None of us asked for this monster to enter our lives and if we could kick it out, we would have done so, long before now eh?

Or is that we enjoy living it up with our DLA/PIP… and other wonderous benefits?

Huh. Huh indeed!


People “helping” when what they are doing makes you feel patronised or infantilised.

I get why that makes you cross!

They aren’t doing it on purpose though, as you know already… They don’t like to see you struggling and they don’t get that struggling is what you do now, and it’s how you fight the illness. They need to respect that and support it rather than wrapping you up in cotton wool. Although that isn’t an easy thing to communicate without risk of offence. Sigh :frowning:

Hope you feel better tomorrow, go back and give them hell!

Oh girlie, I used to have it, joke was I was looking after patients that had MS, if anyone could empathise, I could!!! Think they were looking out for me, but it came over differently to me & quite oppressive at times. I am sending you a HUGE hug & pat on the back cos you are battling through, fair play, sure they mean well, tell them to bugger off & leave you to have your cuppa & banana, don’t know you very well do they!!! Your doing ace (if your getting paid anyway, well, sod it, weathers too nice & theres fairies to find!!!) Tracey xxxx

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What would I do without you lot?! Honestly it is amazing to have people there that just get it!

Thank you all so much for your comments they have honestly made me smile laugh and feel better

Poll, that is food for thought about the hours maybe I should look into that, I have always put it off as I can work from home but actually contracted to do less as well might be better

This is another worry now see that the big boss will be like why didnt you work from home today? I am going to have to inform him that his staff would not listen to me and I was fine

Thanks girls xx

sent from my sunny garden watching fairies xx

fairy watching must be fun…have you heard about the Cottingly fairies?

Yorkshire fairies.


I was absolutely obsessed with that story as a kid Poll, I have the books everything on them (love Arthur Conan Doyle as well) love disappearing into that world, lovely Flutterby isn’t going to grow up anytime soon, & I mean that with love sweetheartxxx