when it rains it pours

ok went to the drs this morning to get the 2nd urine sample tested before i start steroids, it came back as protein and ketones in the urine sample after i had a course of antibiotics for a uti( which i had no idea i had as nothing changed toilet wise apart from accidents), the samples now being sent off to get tested, have no idea what ketones in the urine means tho, been having pains in my chest on and off the last few months which i put down to stress, so the drs having me in on friday for blood tests and in 2 weeks having a ecg done aswell, hmmm i wonder what else is going to pop up next…anyone have one of those years where everything seems to line up to go and smack you one after another?

Yes hun, I`m like that right now.

Got this painful big toe and nail, plus waiting for an operation to have an spc installed!

I`ll have to google ketones…

Hope life is kinder to you very soon.

luv Pollx

Ketones in the urine can indicate poorly controlled diabetes or that the person is ‘starving’ i.e. they haven’t eaten for 10 - 12 hours before the test. The body has started to process fats when it can’t get enough glucose.

Thanks for the explanation anu. I did google ketones, but didnt really understand what I read and then got side tracked reading about a new diet fad…raspberry keytones and green coffee!

luv Pollx

aaah ok thanks, well i dont know if im diabetic (mums insulin dependant diabetic) but i eat well n healthy and i had breakfast this morning

I had a urine sample tested a good few months ago, won’t go into the specifics of it but the dr said it was high for ketones and asked if I hadn’t eaten that day. It was nearly lunchtime and I had only had a small breakfast. She didn’t seem concerned about it, just commented. Cheryl:-)

ok thanks upytupy, had the mri done yesterday, its got on my records i have a bad needle phobia, so they waited till i was lying down to come towards me with a freaking venflon needle to go in my arm, i completely freaked out and told them no way in hell are they putting that thing in me and they said its the only way they can do a mri scan, ive had a mri done before and never needed to have a needle, so he ended up asking if they could do it without the venflon and the other lady said yes its no problem, it took me about 10 minutes to calm down, after they did the scan i ended up with a lecture about so called phobias and that i better get over them, yeah its easy for someone to tell you that you have a so called phobia and to just get over it, if it was as easy as that id have no problems with needles