Blood test today

Well all done…wasn’t too bad in the end, little bit of dizziness and pain obv. but it’ll be okay.Have to wait 3/4 days for 3 of them (inflammatory,full count and something about kidneys.liverand bladder which worried me cos i don’t remember the doc. mentioning that, i thought it was thyroid…does anyone know why she might have put in for that?) and 2 weeks for vitamin d… so anyone else waiting on vit d test that appears to be the waiting time for results…

Now to see what happens…

Well done, I bet you pleased its all done now. I had a blood test a couple of months ago and it included liver function and my doc said they always include it. Let’s hope the results are quick Xx


As Nikki says checking liver, kidneys and thyroid is routine practice.

I would imagine that as a new patient they would run a host of tests so they have a baseline to work from. My husbands always come back with weird readings on some things, which after investigation there was no cause for,so they now accept that the readings are normal for him!

Hope your in a good place now that is done…look how many things you have dealt with and fears you have overcome in the last few weeks.

As I always say…onwards and upwards.


Well done Jules. It’s never easy overcoming fears but you’ve faced yours full on

As Nikki and Pip have already said, liver, kidney and thyroid tests are bog standard. Some test results do take longer to come back, depending on what they are - I guess the procedure just takes longer at the lab.

You’re over the 2nd hurdle now and that ball has started rolling. Let us know how you get on when you get a chance

Debbie xx

Yep deffo pleased its all over, now trying not to worry about results…