Blood test Results.. or not as the case may be!

I’m so confused and annoyed! All the receptionist could tell me was that there was a result noted, about 2 things, which looked to be all good, then she said there were so many things on her screen and she didn’t know if she could confirm to me that all was good. i asked about the vitamin d cos the nurse told me it could take up to 2 weeks but it has been 6 days, so thought i would ask anyway just in case. no idea was answer. she said she would get my doctor to phone me back to confirm what the results had been and if vit d was back or not, of course they haven’t. it was after i realised that she has referred to my doctor as a he, when i saw a female doctor… i don’t know how im meant to take it or what im meant to do! im out most of the day at an interview tommorow so not gonna be easy for me to be taking calls, but i can;t concentrate on anything else, until i know exactly what is going on - arrgghhhhhhhhhh!!!

It sounds to me that you need to speak directly with your GP Jules. Receptionists can’t always give us results. It doesn’t mean that it’s anything sinister, it’s just that sometimes it requires a doc to explain things. What the receptionist should have done was to make sure that you had a call back…

Why not call the surgery when you get a minute today and either make an appt to see your GP or arrange for a telephone consultation? At least then you’ll know exactly what’s what.

Debbie xx

Hi Jules x Debbie is right - don’t panic!! I know it’s hard to wait when you are worrying but hang on in there & get to speak to your Gp xxxjenxxxx

Hmm. I know she works Wed mornings but obviously she will have patients, last time when i phoned to enquire if blood test was fasting or not she phoned back at 5.05, i have to leave for work at 4.45… hmm… was gonna give it til next fri when it theory all results should be back and make an appointment. i don’t wanna keep phoning and keep missing her, then she gets annoyed with me :frowning:

Well that was all abit confusing for you Jules! Its a pity that some receptionists havent been on courses on how to speak to patients!

Hopefully you will get some answers very soon, but till then please try hard not to worry, and good luck with the interview tomorrow :smiley:


Hi Jules,

ANY doctor at the surgery should be able to tell if blood tests are OK or not - it wouldn’t necessarily have to be your own.

Perhaps the receptionist just meant she would ask whichever doctor was on duty - which would be perfectly reasonable.


Sounds like the receptionist at my Drs. Starts off trying to be helpful but then realises I have a list of different tests as long as my arm and realises it is not a simple ’ well yes, your xxx is within normal range’ and that she is out of her depth. Any of the surgery Drs should be able to help, but yours will know better what is going on with you and what she was looking for. Frustrating. Try to distract yourself (ha ha can’t take my own advice on that!) Claire x

When I rang our surgery the receptionist started to tell me. She said yes everything is fine then stopped and said oh ermm the doctor needs to see you shall I make you an appointment now!!

So I went into a total panic thinking it was something hideous. Turns out it was just anaemia and I needed iron so its not always best to get the results from the receptionist. They should pass the message onto a GP though.


Apologies for my ignorance, i don’t know how these things work. last time the receptionist just found me on the system and said all is good, i thanked her and hung up. that was what happened to my knowledge, an all good or make an appointment. I have just assumed all is good anyway cos they would have phoned if there was anything wrong. But I assume if MS doesn’t show in the blood and all is good with my blood, then I should be pushing for a neuro review? Thought I would try and get an appointment for in a few weeks maybe. i think the surgery is very busy at the mo.


My surgery works differently, if you phone up for blood results they will not give them out over the phone until a doc’ has seen them. If then there is something not quite right they tell you that the doc’ would like to see you. All surgeries work differently and sometimes receptionists think they are the doc’s.


Got a call yesterday saying doctor does now want to see me, they are saying its just routine.