GP not getting letters from consultant?

I had blood tests at hospital following my appointment with the neurologist. 3 weeks later they say that they haven’t got them. I thought it was the consultant that was at fault, but the receptionist said there was nothing on my GP computer notes since December. Since then I have seen the neurologist twice and an opthomologist twice. As they are both at different hospitals I’m wondering if they have the information but haven’t uploaded it. There have been several letters from the neurologist that I have been copied into it. The neurologist won’t be available until Monday and I’d like to know the results as well as why the GP doesn’t seem to know anything. I’m not sure if I should just wait for the letter and see what it says.

Hi there,

How were the letters addressed, that you have received? Were they quite clearly to your doctor, copy to you? Name and address of the doctor all correct? Not some other doctor or surgery, with a similar name?

If you are getting copies of things that were supposedly sent to your GP, but they are denying all knowledge, it seems to me the problem is almost certainly at the surgery’s end. I say “almost”, because it seems unlikely your neurologist would copy you with the letters, without having also sent the originals to your GP. Mistakes do happen, of course, but several times the same thing?

Assuming you’ve checked the doctor’s name and address are correct, seems someone at the surgery must be misfiling or mislaying them.

Maybe the blood test results just aren’t ready yet? Although a week is typical, some can take a bit longer to come back I think. And if it then goes into a queue for typing, as well, and maybe the secretary’s on holiday?

I’d wait a bit longer before concluding they’re definitely missing, and not still on the way. Even if the neuro’s not in, can’t you ring the secretary, and ask (a) Whether the results are back from the lab yet, and (b) Whether a letter has gone out to you/your doctor about it?

I’m sure they won’t tell you the results over the phone (in case you were an impostor, trying to get confidential medical info), although they sometimes do their best to hint, especially if no abnormality was found. For example, one told me I “shouldn’t worry”. Although she didn’t spell out in so many words the tests were normal, I knew she’d hardly be telling me not to worry, if she was looking at them, and they showed something extremely sinister. So sometimes they have ways of telling you without telling you, if you see what I mean. :wink:


Thanks. The consultant has had them since last Monday and they are supposed to have been posted. They only work Monday and Tuesday, so will have to wait. Annoyingly they faxed them to the other hospital for my opthomologist, but it wasnt passed on and so Id have found out last Monday. After this next appointment I’m transferring to my local hospital as it would be easier.

I still haven’t received them, so I don’t think they were sent as if she posted them tuesday I’d have received them by now. I won’t be ringing the GP again as her attitude was it wasnt the local hospital and they’d get them if they sent them. I realise it costs the practice money to change consultants and I shall be giving her unhelpful attitude as one of the reasons. I bet she wouldnt want to wait so long to find out her results.

Hi ya Dextersmum,

Frustrating and annoying as it is I wouldn’t be too quick to change consultants over this - or your GP come to that.

If the results are coming from different places and your GP surgery is the one place that they’re being sent too but yet they’re still not on your file, then it suggests to me that maybe your surgery could be at fault somewhere along the line?

Sometimes it’s better to hear things straight from the horses mouth so ringing them direct may help? It’d be a shame to have to start everything from scratch - all the tests etc…

I hope it gets sorted for you very soon - will you let us know how you get on.

Debbie xx