Why can't doctors get it right

Grrrr! Had to vent on here at the doctors inability to get things right! Even in them writing a referral letter for my private neurologist they can’t get right! They’ve put loads of incorrect information in the letter and I phoned my own gp this morning to tell her that the other gp had put in wrong information and she just said that the neurologist would listen to me over the letter! I know from working for a private medical company in the past that it’s not the case and also that if they have information in writing it goes on the file!

I’m so annoyed at the incompetence of the people that I’ve been stuck with from the start of this! There’s only 2 gps that seem to get things right and my consultant that I saw through the nhs was near on useless and didn’t even check things properly in blood tests - I had to request a full blood count from the go this week and asked for them to check my iron levels and vitamin b12 as they hadn’t even bothered to check it!

I’m hoping that the neuro consultant on Monday knows his stuff as there seems to be lots of things that haven’t been done or things that haven’t been done right!

Oh Karina!!! Join the flipping club!!!! xxjenxx

GRRRR they are soooo annoying aren't they!

I had a gynae once write to my GP: "she does not wish to continue with the .... (can't remember what its called) ...injections and has requested a hysterectomy" when actually I specifically said I was happy with the injections and could I continue so to avoid a hysterectomy, to which he said to my face "No, they are a short term measure only and shouldn't be used for more than a year" FFS!!!! 


The poor consultant isnt going to know what has hit him on Monday! Hes going to be bombarded with a whole load of things that I have got from the hospital and the doctors (my referral letters, blood test results and discharge papers) plus he’s going to have me and my dad asking question!

I’ve written down a list of the symptoms that I had and what happened at the hospital etc etc. The doctor also wrote down things in the past and there has been nothing symptom wise except something called globus pharyngeus which was diagnosed in November 2010, a head injury that I had at the end of October last year and a previous bout of dizziness following a car accident many many years ago. Question for everyone does
Ms just happen out of the blue all at once or is there usually symptoms prior to the first big attack?

Also want to make sure I am prepared for the neurology appointment on Monday so was wondering if people could help me as to any questions that I should ask him?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi sandy your poor daughter! This whole thing is a nightmare for the people going through it and also their families. My mum died from cancer 3 years ago so the whole burden is on my dad who has been amazing. My friends have been fantastic too and a support network is the best thing to have by all accounts on here. It’s just the frustration of not getting anywhere and not getting answers! I’m hoping that Monday will clear a few things up for me!

How’s your daughter coping with everything?

The GPs don't give a damn these days, based on my GPs referral letter I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Renal Failure by the neurologist.

Had an appointment with nephrology on Friday the consultant could not understand how Chronic Renal Failure had been diagnosed. I explained to her that my GP wrote in his referral that my symptoms are either psychological in nature or caused by renal failure.

The neurologist asked the nephrology department to perform a biopsy but it's not going to be acted upon because there is no need for it. My kidney function has been 100% for the past few years thanks to changes in lifestyle and medication.

I find it disgusting when you question them on why they can't get it right they will just label you as a hypochondriac or not even bother listening to our concerns.

My GP when questioned about his referral letter said we can write whatever we want to in the referral letter even if you don't like it.

That says it all.