Have to wait AGAIN for blood work

I was on oral b12 to see if it increased my levels and had a repeat blood test 4 weeks later. Called the doctors yesterday and they didn’t check my b12!! That was the whole reason for the bloods being taken. So annoyed. Knowing whether I’m absorbing b12 or not would mean I could have a diagnosis of pernicious anaemia or at least rule it out!! Have an appointment on Friday for more bloods so at least another week to find out. Oh and I still haven’t had an appointment through for the neuro. I was referred on the 4th of April :frowning: I want to know the MRI results!! And an official result of my LP would be nice!! I HATE waiting!!

How frustrating! This waiting around is so hard on us all. The stress just doesn’t help anything.

How irritating that they didn’t do the bloods correctly!!

I would chase your GP on the neuro referral. She/he might be able to speed things up a little

PG xx

It’s the worst part i think. Hopefully you will hear something soon. Don’t do what I did. I phoned my docs, the secretary looked at my results and said ‘looks all clear to me’ ,I was jumping through hoops I was so pleased. Went to see doc and was floored when he said I had lesions. So, my point is, wait to hear it from the horses mouth first! I was so impatient ( well, not surprising as we wait so long for everything) but hindsight is a wonderful thing xxxx

Ah crap!! I phoned the secretary of the doc who asked for the LP who said it was normal. :frowning:

That’s awful Beverly :frowning:

Yeah, was a bit of an anti climax tbh. That’s why I never ask receptionists now, some of them think they are doctors :s anyway, yours might be legit and be right. I think I was just unlucky lol. But to be on safe side, take whatever they say with a pinch of salt till you hear it from the organ grinder :wink: xx

Hello Kisywisy

Was it the receptionist that said your b12 hadn’t been checked, that seems strange to me when that is what you went for. See what they say today, sometime these test results are under a different name. If it is right, then I hope you get an apology at the very least.


Hey blossom The nurse who took the bloods didn’t tick the box for b12!! Rage!! The nurse today just rolled her eyes and apologised. Maybe this was a common occurrence?? She was lovely and said to phone on Tuesday for the results. Fingers crossed it’s pernicious anaemia and nothing more sinister. My levels 6 weeks ago were 148.5. The serum ferritin is 8.4. She said my iron levels were fine but my iron stores are low (?)

I’m glad she was lovely and apologised. Your iron stores are low because the red blood cells are not forming right which could be due to lack of vitamin b12. Good luck with the results :slight_smile:

Thank you for that info. I’ve read that the red blood cells can change shape, does this sound about right??

Your welcome and yes they can change shape :slight_smile: xx

Sorry to be a pest again, but my haemoglobin levels are fine. Wish I knew what all this meant. :frowning:

Your not a pest Lol Haemoglobin is basicly what makes our blood red. You may sometimes hear it expressed as the Hb levels :slight_smile: That’s what the nurse was talking about, when she said your iron levels were fine :slight_smile: xx