mri results

Hiya had my mri last week I phoned earlier to see if they were back she said its been reviewed and id need to wait for a appt letter. My firdt mri I never had a follow up few yrs ago I phoned they said all was fine this time I habe to wait for appt letter does this mean they could of found something possibly? ?

Not necessarily, it might just be to explain what else they can do? Of course, the waiting after MRI is the worst, I find. Keep my fingers crossed for you that it’s good news xx

Hi emzie1984,

I agree with Beverly. The most important thing you should do is not to panic. The radiographer does not disclose the results, the results are passed to your Neuro who makes the diagnosis.

I also have my fingers crossed for you that it is good news (Big Virtual Hugs).

Robert xxx

Hiya I have had results from mri and all seems to be good. I have a nerve conduct tion test 14th aug. Im now thinking maybe its not ms if they couldn’t see anything I scan. I still have constant tingles in hand arm feet and back amd still very tired. I googled other day and it also bought up b12 deficienty although im sure I had blood trst for this and was ok but coukd be wrong. Some thing that came out at me looking at b12 is that when I was pregnant 3 yrs ago they check all mums out and listened to heart and said I had a heart murmur said its because im preg and will go when given birth altho it hadnt ever been picked up and had a cough earlier that yr. Had a echo and said something wasn’t perfect but would be ok. When id given birth they listened again and was still their and still have it now on the b12 said can cause murmers im now wondering if I should go back and ask to be re tested maybe altho I still keeping thinking its ms jus as had it 5 yrs the tingling. What shall I do?? I don’t want to keep going back but I really need answers its getting to me

I have had a numb wrist and hand this past month- certainly it’s harrowing and difficult!!

Should it last much longer or will I have if indefanetly? Please help me as I am frustrated here!;(

i have had ms 20plus years and use tecfidera

Hello Paul

You’ve joined onto the end of a very old thread on the Newly Diagnosed board. So you might not get much help.

I suggest you look at the Everyday Living board, hit the New Thread button, give your thread a title, then post your question.

Personally I don’t know, have you asked your MS nurse? You probably expect not to have new symptoms while on Tecfidera, but it sounds like it could be. I hesitate to use the word relapse, but it’s possible.

If you’ve had the numb hand and wrist for a month, it’s too late really for steroids to do much good, even were you inclined to take them. But you should make sure either your MS nurse or neurologist is aware of the problem.